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December 2010
Cruisin' magazine: SCTA Bonneville Speed Week
Japanese magazine Cruisin' ran a feature story on Bonneville 2010 complete with photos of Speed Demon!
Read the article and/or view the photos (pdf)

July 2010
Boys Scouts of America go Racing
The SCTA is honored to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the BSA-the nation's largest youth service organization, which now boasts 2.8 million youth members, 1.3 million adult volunteers and 50 million alumni. The SCTA and the BNI board have granted free entry to the all Boy Scouts and Scout Masters at Speed Week August 14-20, 2010. They will also be issued Pit passes. This will provide a cool way for the scouts to explore the science and engineering of Land Speed racing. Read the full story (pdf)
For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, please visit www.scouting.org or www.scouting.org/100years.

May/June 2010
Mopar Magazine: FOUR MOPAR® CYLINDERS = 400 MPH? Ron Main and George Poteet's Speed Demon
California businessman Ron Main has a million ideas racing around in his head—all have something to do with speed. Not the drug, but the MPH thing. “My main claim to fame is being a big show-off,” he says. His ambition is to have the world’s fastest car, and he’s constantly thinking about it. His obsession was evident during a recent conversation. “We (Main, 65, and his racing partner George Poteet, 60, of Tennessee, a well-known hot rodder) want to be the first to go over 400 mph with a four-cylinder car,” he said, while telling us other ideas such as having the world’s fastest naturally-aspirated car, the world’s fastest hydrogen-powered car and the world’s-fastest rubber-band powered car...
Read the full story (pdf)

November 2009
Hot Rod Magazine: Bonneville Speed Week - V=D/T - Velocity Is Distance Over Time. Bonneville Speed Week Is Velocity Over History.
By David Freiburger; Photography by David Freiburger

Every year that Speed Week has been contested since 1949, HOT ROD magazine has issued the Top Time Trophy, the award for the single fastest pass of the meet, regardless of if the pass is a record or not. To many, this is the ultimate prize for Speed Week. In 2009, we saw the first hard-core race for the trophy in many years, as three cars in attendance had the potential. On the very first pass of the week Saturday morning, the Poteet & Main Speed Demon set the standard at 369.462, then 369.814 on Sunday. The same day, the Spirit of Rett showed a real threat at 366.689 and on Monday morning ran 369.584, just 0.230 slower than Poteet & Main. The race was on...
read more at hotrod.com | Download pdf version

October 2008
Speed Demon featured in Hot Rod Magazine in October: Ron Main and George Poteet Return to the Salt in Pursuit of 4-0-0
By Christopher Campbell; Photography: Randy Lorentzen and Dirk Lutman

Speed Demon is the name of this streamliner, but it’s just as accurate a moniker for the two gearheads who brought it to life. At 65 and 60, respectively, Ron Main and George Poteet have the drive and determination most guys half their age lack, and that’s why they’re ready to ask four little pistons to each provide 100 mph at Bonneville. Read more!

September 10, 2008
MEDIA ALERT: TOP 1 OIL Fastest Wednesday at World Class Motoring
Press Conference, Streamliner Exhibit and Open House

TOP 1 Oil has teamed with the record-setting Land Speed Racing veterans at Cook Motorsports to form the TOP 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout, the first single competition Read more!

August 18, 2008
The world’s fastest car and motorcycle streamliners are getting ready to rumble for the ultimate bragging rights – the FIA/FIM recognized world land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats, September 20-22, 2008. Only 10 of the most qualified teams are invited to this inaugural TOP 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout, and only one team per category will walk away with the title of ‘fastest’ car or motorcycle in the world. Read more!

May 2008
By "Landspeed Louise" for Goodguys: Terminal Salt Fever
"The devil is in the details' the old saying goes. Even the most elaborate project depends on the success of the smallest components. I am beginning to wonder if the devil ever met racing partners Ron Main and George Poteet who are anything but moss-gathering racers." Read more!

October 30, 2007
Crave: Speed Demon is the ultimate four-banger
"Next time someone tells you that four cylinders are not sufficient for a performance car, show them these pictures. Powered by a 3-liter Dodge Mopar Hellfire "Lil Hemi" four-cylinder engine, the Speed Demon looks--and goes--like an F-16 without wings." Read more!